Further Reading and Speeches

Recommended reading:

  • The Keys to Canberra's History booklet series, produced by the Centenary of Canberra
  • Canberra 1912, Plans and Planners of the Australian Capital Competition, John W Reps, 1997
  • The Bush Capital, Roger Pegrum, 1983
  • Canberra, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Sir John Overall, 1995
  • Canberra Following Griffin, Paul Reid, 2002
  • The Symbolic Role of the National Capital, David Headon, 2003
  • The Griffin Legacy, National Capital Authority, 2004
  • Canberra, City in the Landscape, Ken Taylor, 2006
  • An Ideal City: The 1912 Competition to Design Canberra website: www.idealcity.org.au
  • As I Recall- Reminiscences of Early Canberra by Charles Daley (available online here in PDF and EPUB formats)

Key Centenary Speeches:

Key Centenary Parliamentary Speeches: